How to oil a chain


A correctly lubricated chain will smoothen your drivechain, aid good gear shifting, and help protect and reduce wear on the chain and sprockets.

Generally speaking dry lube is thinner and less sticky helping to keep the parts cleaner and wet lube is thicker and better at repelling water meaning less frequent application.



Firstly prop your bike up so the pedals can be spun backwards in an area where the floor won’t suffer from a few drips of stray oil!

If relevant, change the gears so the chain sits in the smallest sprocket at the rear and the largest at the front. This will help keep the chain straight.



Adding old oil on new oil will lead to a build up of dirty oil. Before adding any fresh oil to you chain try to clean it first.

The simplest way is adding some degreaser to a rag and holding the rag around the chain while peddling backwards.



Hold your bottle of oil so that it faces the inside of the chain as pictured. Apply a smooth and thin layer of oil while pedalling backwards. Three full rotations of the pedals should give the entire chain an even coating.

Continue to pedal backwards a further dozen times to rotate the chain over the sprockets and work the oil into the chain.



Only the rollers between each chain link need lubrication (see picture). Use a rag to clean off any excess oil from the chain links and let the chain dry for 10 minutes.

Check your chain before each ride. Add oil if it’s dry.

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